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We know what it's like to get started with little to no guidance. With our comprehensive coaching and hands-on services, our expert team provides tailored guidance that will empower you to make informed decisions and maximize your returns.

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Before we can schedule a call, I want you to prepare your collective thoughts on what real estate investing means to your family and for you to establish your goals, as well as provide some general information that can help us better understand how we may be able to help you.


We are very selective about who we mentor, coach and advise. Being a Real Estate Investor is NOT for everyone. It takes hard work, careful planning, team building, and proper management to truly be a success.  We are not looking for “dreamers”, we are looking for people who are committed action takers and are willing to put the time in as well as work to learn this amazing business. 

Investing in Real Estate is the one way to ensure that the money you have worked so hard to create in your core business will grow. That said, not everyone we’ve worked with comes with thousands of dollars to start. There are many ways to acquire property with little to no money. Others are ready with cash in hand to start investing as they know it is the best place to put their hard earned money. This is NOT a quick fix get rich program… go invest in Crypto if that’s what you’re looking for. Our plan is about having a clear vision, taking ACTION, being ACCOUNTABLE and getting RESULTS. We only provide access to our time and experience for serious individuals who want to learn from an experienced couple actively operating in this space and succeeding at reclaiming our most precious asset…. Our Time


We are willing to assist you through your journey and share our time and experience with you should you be ready to commit to action and accountability. If you are ready to expand your real estate portfolio, put a plan together, take action and get results please fill out the questions on this form to be considered.

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