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Antoinette Munroe is a serial entrepreneur with a broad spectrum of business experience in industries ranging from music entertainment to construction. After eight years of accelerated advancement at a global CPG company, Antoinette shifted her focus from climbing the corporate ladder to pursuing FIRE(Financial Independence Retire Early) by 40. She achieved that goal at 36!


To achieve this goal, Antoinette developed Budget ABC's, House Hacking, and Travel Hacking strategies that accelerated her path to financial independence. Along the way she's repaid over 100K debt, eliminated all her living expenses and traveled around the world visiting exotic locations like Bora Bora and Maldives for little to no cost. 


Currently, Antoinette primarily focuses on scaling her real estate investment portfolio using various strategies like short-term rentals, flipping, group homes, and multifamily. With her hyper focus on creating innovative ways to minimize expenses, maximize savings, and monetize opportunities, it's no surprise that she's the first self-made millionaire in her family. When she’s not "Building to Billions.” Antoinette enjoys salsa dancing, fine dining, and having fun with friends and family. Living by the personal mantra "I will find a way or make one", Antoinette is continuously working towards achieving her wildest dreams and brings and helping others define and achieve theirs.

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