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How to Furnish

Furnishings can get expensive, so you definitely want to create a budget. The average amount of money spent to furnish a property can range from $2000- $3000 on the low end for smaller properties. If you aim to offer a more sophisticated and stylish experience and on a larger scale, then that cost will increase considerably. My biggest suggestion is to join and utilize online and neighborhood groups for budget friendly, secondhand alternatives – OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor & Craigslist are all really awesome places to source in-expensive lightly used name brand furniture. I’ve furnished 6 of my rentals using this method and have saved considerable dollars in doing so. Secondhand stores like goodwill, habitat for humanity, salvation army, and garage sales are perfect for finding accessories that can add character to your rental. Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure… and rest assured there is a cost-effective treasure trove somewhere near you!

Another factor to consider is the area in which your property is located and if it has any usable outdoor space. If you own a property with a patio that is situated near local attractions, you might want to incorporate family oriented playful themes, extra seating for the patio and maybe even a small grill or fire pit for small get togethers etc. If you own a downtown metropolitan studio exterior space may be limited, if any, and so you might opt into plain, simple, and a pop of pretty since your audience would most likely be businesspeople or entrepreneurs. Identifying your audience can help narrow your choices in what durable furniture to buy, and what signature pieces to add like carpets, artwork, alarm clocks, etc.

Be mindful of the traffic that will come through your doors. Wear and tear are bound to happen, so lean into items that are easily replaceable, durable, and affordable.

Here are some additional tips to ensure that your chosen aesthetic appeals to the majority of incomers:

Select neutral colors for the walls and use natural woods for furnishing

  • Use accent pieces in each room

  • Maximize your bed space (e.g. bunk beds, pull out couch)

  • Automatic air fresheners

  • Sufficient electrical outlets, extension cords, variety of cell phone chargers

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