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 Financial Independence through Real Estate Investing 

 & Lifestyle Strategies Guided by Intention

Black Love Couch Conversations: S3: E4 
Diary of an Apartment Investor
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Impact Testimonials


In 2018, I had been considering using my home as a short-term rental because of my extensive travel for work. I was connected to Antoinette by a mutual friend. I'm in TN & she was in FL. Her knowledge of house-hacking transcended the states. While at the time we had never met in person nor virtually, she inspired me to go for it. She told me everything I needed to know & do to get established. After following her detailed guidance, I had my first booking & guest within a month of our initial conversation. 


At first, I was only allowing bookings on days, I was scheduled to travel. The demand for more access came when guests would message me about blocked days. I consulted with Antoinette. We looked at the feasibility. I eventually had to transition to full-time short term rental. I ultimately downsized and move to another city in a smaller place. The earnings from the short term rental covered all the expenses at the property as well as all the expenses at my new place. 


With the knowledge I received from Antoinette and my experience, I, too, have been able to inspire others to become short term rental hosts. I will forever be grateful to Antoinette for graciously inspiring & assisting me with tapping into a stream of income that I may have otherwise missed. 

DeNitra Davis

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